by Masons of SOA published in SOA Magazine 1
Industrial SOA is a 14-part article series focused on service orientation, written collaboratively by a group of recognized experts and community leaders in service oriented architecture.
"SOA and service-orientation have laid the foundation for a variety of emergent service technology innovations such as cloud computing and big data, while the original building blocks of SOA and service-orientation continue to evolve by embracing fundamental service technologies, concepts and practices."
• Preface: Industrial SOA
• Chapter 1: SOA Blueprint
• Chapter 2: Project Categories
• Chapter 3: Service Categories
• Chapter 4: SOA Maturity
• Chapter 5: Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
• Chapter 6: Security
• Chapter 7: Transactions and Compensation
• Chapter 8: SOA and User Interaction (UI)
• Chapter 9: Mobile
• Chapter 10: Events
• Chapter 11: MDM and SOA
• Chapter 12: BPM and ACM
• Chapter 13: SOA and Cloud
The articles are & will be published at Oracle Technolgy Network and the Service Technology Magazine.
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